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Equipment Checkout Inventory

Equipment available for checkout through Student Affairs IT is shown below. If you do not see a piece of equipment that you want to reserve, please contact us.

  • Laptops
Windows laptop with the Division of Student Affairs baseline software including Microsoft Office and multiple web browsers. Special software needs can be accommodated upon request. Each laptop comes in its own bag with an ethernet cable, balun adapter for type 1 connections, wired mouse, and power supply.
  • Presentation Clickers
These PowerPoint clickers come with a USB dongle that must be used to pair the device with the clicker.
  • Projectors
Each projector comes with adaptors and accessories so that all current laptops in the Division of Student Affairs can project. SAIT does not have projector screens, but any blank wall can be used for projection. Projectors do not come with speakers.
  • Printers
Printers checked out can only be connected locally to a single computer.
  • Barcode Scanners
The digital bar code scanners are set up as either handheld, or come with a stand, depending on use and your need. The scanner can read 2D or 3D images and can be paired with bar code device software.
  • Label Writers
The portable label writers offer label writing from any laptop or desktop device. The label writers require the Dymo Label Writer software to be installed which can be accommodated upon request.
  • Webcams
The webcams are capable of Full HD digital zoom and have a wide field view that can be used in individual sessions or large conference rooms. Each device has an integrated microphone, but it may not be suitable for a large conference space.
  • Speakers
Multi-media speakers come with two external speakers but requires being plugged in for power - The audio output is enough for a large conference space and is adaptable to any device with a 1/4 audio output. The smaller, personal speaker system comes with a USB connection and is designed for audio outputs in a smaller setting. Neither sound system comes with a microphone for two-way communication.
  • Memory Card Readers
Designed for adapting to most memory cards, the portable memory card reader has multiple inputs to read data stored on the memory card. These are perfect for use when trying to determine what data was on a random card.
  • Cables and Adaptors
Various cable adaptors are available.
  • Conference Room Phone
Conference phones are available that allows you to easily converse between a caller and a group of individuals. It also has microphone extensions so that a larger group can have a microphone near everyone in the room.
  • iPads
iPads are available for specific application usage in the division. Special setups are available upon request and should be done as far in advance as possible.